Friday, 1 June 2007

Invites to our Civil Partnership!

We finally picked up the invites for our civil partnership ceremony! We decided to get the invites done in Slovakia to save a bit of dough. What a palaver! After scouring the streets of Zilina we found a printing company that did wedding invites. We then had the awkward situation of explaining to the provincial staff that it was two men getting married! Thank Buddha for Enrique's friend Alena who had the chutzpah to tell the staff 'to just get on with it!'.

Anyway, we selected an invite from a bunch of kitsch designs on offer. After three days of corrections (typos) we finally have our invites. And in true Stephen and Lubos style, they are being sent out two weeks before the actual date. If the Slovak Post operates anything like the printing company, the invites might arrive to their intended addressees before the end of the year.... thats if they arrive at all!

Sorry about the poor quality picture, I still think the invites are cute though!

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