Monday, 4 June 2007

Red Army Cemetery Zilina.

As a child Lubos' whole school would traipse up a mountain to pay homage to the Red Army soldiers. In true Bolshevist style, the school would be led into song praising the Communist liberators and Communism. The only problem, apart from not giving a toss about Communism, he couldn't remember exactly where the cemetery was....... until we stumbled accross it this afternoon.

It's situated on top of a hill that looks over the Habitations. I love Socialist architecture, the dramatic parade monumentalism, uniformity, balance, patriotic art decoration and traditional sickle and hammer motifs. Dare I say it, I even adore Nazi architecture.

We are off to the Czech Republic on an overnight train and arrive in Prague tomorrow morning.... the same day as George Bush Jnr - aaaarrrggghhh!

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