Friday, 1 June 2007

A Pinch and a Punch for the First Day of the Month!

Today we had a party for Enrique's niece, Lucka. It was interesting to see the difference between my nieces' parties and Enriques niece.

The last party my niece had was a weekend affair on a private island off the coast of Jakarta. It was complete with staff and a chartered yacht for her and all her friends.... she is nine! She received copius amounts of gifts, most of which were discarded (not worthy enough) after 5 minutes. One friend actually gave her a top-end mobile worth more than I can afford, my niece lost the phone after a couple of weeks.

For Enrique's niece we all crammed into his Mother's apartment. She received one gift from everyone, a Barbie scooter, and she loved it! The children then went outside and played on the scooter and on the swing set. We then had lunch and cake, followed by the anecdotes of a drunk neighbour.

Today highlighted how fruitless the pursuit is for material possessions...... who am I kidding, I stiil want that dries van noten suit ; )

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