Friday, 15 June 2007

Ahoj Slovakia!

It's our final day in Slovakia and I feel kinda sad. It's positively true that people make a place. Yesterday we had a farewell dinner with all the neighbours who I've grown to love. Alena, the matriarch of her apartment. Rotund with pendulous tits and a foul-mouth, she had us in stitches with her drunken anecdotes and cutting remarks about the whores of the habitation (her daughter included). Her ability to shift from tears of self pity to a hilarious yarn about the antics on the habitation is astounding. She is solely responsible for teaching me the more colurful and crude Slovak expressions.

Her Grandson Robert, a promising and sweet 18 year old who seems lost at the moment. Given his grandmother, Alena, refers to him as a peabrain, good for nothing useless waste of space its fair to postulate that he needs to spread his wings in order to grow, I sincerely hope he grows to be something great and stop operating withing the boundaries his family have put up for him.

Alena Jnr, she is the sweetest girl. Always appears overly-happy to see you and launches into a full Slovak converastion at 100mph regardless of whether I understand or not. But the huge smile on her face indicates that she is trying to communicate with warmth. Alena and Lubos are the original kids on the Habitation so they are the quasi-veterans or top dogs!

Mary, a married administrator with an appreciation of red wine (she likes to get hammered on it). She is fancy-free, having an affair on her husband... much to the disgust of Alena snr. She is also the glamourous member of the social set. Complete with manicured nails, hair and make-up who indulges in an annual holiday to Bulgaria (via a 24 hour coach trip mind you).

Luba, Lubos' sister. She is a loud-mouthed, no bullshit kinda girl. Underneath the bravado is a little girl wanting acceptance and love. She has a great sense of humour and would often lower her voice to a monotone whisper to gossip about the latest goings-on in Teplicka (her local village).

Luba, Lubos's mum we have decided is a latent dyke. She is very fond of Mary becoming all giggly in her presence. Underneath the shyness is a pressure cooker of anger ready to explode... which it did on one occasion. Thankfully it wasn't directed at me.

Anyway, I will continue this entry when we get back to the UK, we need to leave for the 5 hour train ride to Prague and then the 2 hour flight to the Uk.

Tomorrow is the big day, I'm kinda nervous and excited. I cant wait!

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