Friday, 25 May 2007

It's in the stars!

I love Jonathan Cainer's astrology forecasts. He always seems to pump up my already inflated ego by telling me what I want to hear. Below is my forecast for today:

People, thankfully, have short memories. Obviously, because of your high intelligence and your exceptional ability to retain detail, it is a little harder for you to put the past aside. There is now, though, something that you may as well put to the back of your mind. You do not have to forgive but you certainly should forget. For if you do not, you will not become free to move on in the way that you need to. This week, for you, is about letting go. It is about embracing the rather wonderful future that now awaits you.

Question is, how do I forget the past or put it aside? Take copious amounts of meth for a month hoping that it fries my hippocampus?

I read his book, Cosmic Ordering, which I thought was deadful. I also think he looks like a gypsy paedophile however his
astrology forecasts are accurate ; )

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