Saturday, 26 May 2007

Big Brother Burma Style!

What the fuck! After 17 years, Aung San Suu Kyi will not be hearing, "It's time to go Aung! Her house arrest, which was due to expire tomorrow was extended by Burma's military rulers.

I can't understand how someone who is 61 and who resembles a field mouse is considered a threat to public order?!

There was huge international pressure to end Aung's house arrest. Not to mention a record amount of votes to evict her from Burma's Big Brother house. But Burma, who has proven to be an international pariah, ignored the pressure to release Aung.

This means that the people of Burma will ultimately suffer as western nations step up their sanctions. It also means that Aung will spend another year in the house with no eviction in sight AND no prize money!

Could we at least put in a jacuzzi for Aung and someone to snog?

It's time to leave the house...... Burma's military rulers!

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Lara said...

You're sick in the head. Hilarious but sick.