Friday, 25 May 2007

Fucking Incompetence!

Ok, I understand that Australia can't just open it's borders. The country is experiencing it's worst drought on record. I believe it's a result of the delicate environment unable to cope with the population (and of course dumb-fucks washing their cars and watering their 'gorgeous' European style gardens).

I'm not claiming that my experience can be added to the list of egregious abuse of human rights that we have come to expect from the Australian Immigration Commission. However....

My partner Enrique, a Slovakian born, British Citizen, and I met in Australia whilst he was on a Student Visa. We both deferred from our studies to return to Europe so he could spend some time with his ill mother.

His student visa, however, was cancelled due to a lapse in communication at his college. The outgoing International Student Manager didn't action his deferment nor handover his request to the incoming International Student Manager.

Did I mention a cancelled student visa carries a three year exclusion from Australia!

We have applied to have his cancelled student visa reinstated but as there is no paper-trail of his deferment (thanks to TAFE Queensland) our chances are looking grim. The staff at his college International Office who we have communicated with countless times regarding his deferment won't co-operate. It appears admitting his intentions to defer would be admitting their incompetence (as they didn't action his deferment in the first place)!

The Australian Embassy here in London have been equally indolent. Phone calls are never answered, messages never returned and emails ignored.

It's now three months since this rigmarole started with no resolve in sight. Meanwhile, our lives will continue to be on hold.

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