Friday, 25 May 2007

Slut of the day.... Beth Ditto!

I hate the mundane and mediocre, so when I discovered The Gossip and in particular lead singer Beth Ditto I was overcome with lesbian love. Ms Ditto is a fat lesbian feminist, civil libertarian, style paragon, gay and lesbian crusader and did I mention she has a sublime voice too? She also eases my guilt when I devour a tub of Ben and Jerry's and for that alone she should be canonised.... when her lard covered heart packs it in of course.

I read an interview where Ditto spoke about a nude photo shoot she did for a lesbian wank magazine. "It was a big moment in my life, It was kind of a radical thing to do. I got my period just 10 minutes before we got there, and I was totally bleeding. I was doing it with my tranny boyfriend, who I’m in love with, and I was totally bleeding — how radical is that? — and I’m a fat person, and I’m a femme. It felt really good." My admiration for Beth would have been elevated if she was photographed smeared in her menstrual blood. Anyways.

I also watched an interview with Ditto, Yoko Ono and Ana Matronic (Scissor Sisters). Ms Ditto spoke of her excitement regarding Paris Hiltons impending incarceration (I hear you). When asked what she learnt being on tour with the Scissor Sisters, Ditto replied, "That Ana Matronic has a cock"! Ms Matronic looked mortified! Throughout the interview Yoko Ono and Ana Matronic looked like fluffy cushions proping up the supreme Ditto.

It's girls like Beth Ditto who fill my heart with joy. Big, beautiful, sassy and not afraid to be themselves.

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